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Top Tips for Foot health

Your feet will carry you everywhere in life, but they are one of the most neglected parts of the body. Here are some tips straight from the College of Podiatry to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Wash your feet often.

Makes sure you wash your feet daily with warm soapy water. Try not to soak them for long periods as these breakdowns the natural oils in the skin

Dry your feet.

Dry your feet thoroughly after washing, especially in between the toes to reduce the risk of fungal infections.


If your feet appear to be dry and scaly, ensure to moisture them, daily if needed. Make sure you don’t cram in between those toes though – this will increase your risk of fungal infections.


If the heals and soles of your feet are feeling rough and tough, gently file them down with a foot file or pumice! Careful not to overdo it though!

Cut with care.

Make sure that when cutting toenails to cut in a straight line. Never cut down the edge of the toe, as this will increase the risk of an ingrowing toenail forming.

Socks matter!

Make sure that you change your socks daily, ideally made from cotton, wool or bamboo to regulate temperature. Make sure that you have the right size sock. If you have swollen feet or ankles make sure that your socks are elastic free. If you suffer from loss of feeling (neuropathy), ensure you purchase a seamless sock to prevent rubbing and skin irritation.

Shoe shop in the afternoon.

As the day goes on, your feet swell slightly. Shopping for shoes in the afternoon allows you to judge the comfort and tightness of the shoe better, reducing the risk of developing problems such as corns and bunions.

Communal protection.

When using public baths, showers, changing rooms, ensure you have your own pair of flip-flops/sandals to prevent the risk of infections like verruca and athletes’ foot.