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The Treatment of TMJD

The dreaded TMJD – temporal mandibular joint dysfunction. TMJD is pain associated with the jaw joint and associated muscles that can be caused by grinding or clenching of the teeth. Grinding and clenching is an extremely common habit one of which I am guilty of myself! The problem with habits is we are generally unaware that we are doing them and therefore breaking the habit is near impossible!

Dentists and Doctors have diagnosed TMJD for many years now but struggled to actually treat it. The best treatment option usually offered is the supply of an occlusal night guard (one of those lovely bulky rubbery mouth shields) The mouth guard option is great and I would always recommend to try this option initially as they are known to successfully treat TMJD, they protect the teeth and are the most cost-effective treatment option. Where the use of night guards has been unsuccessful CEREZEN is what you need!

Cerezen is a breakthrough in TMJD management, the theory behind it is strange yet so obvious that I am left wondering how someone didn’t think of this many years ago. Cerezen is two small devices that are custom made to fit in your ear. ‘Your ear!!??’ Yes, your ear, I know it sounds crazy! One tiny device for each ear is cleverly made to maintain the ear canal space which over time creates a cognitive awareness to help you break the habit of clenching or grinding and improve any symptoms related.

You may be aware you clench or grind, you may not. More than likely if you do your dentist will tell you whilst carrying out a simple examination. Symptoms such as repeated toothache with no real reason for it, headaches, neck pain, tiredness, multiple cracked teeth, flattened teeth, limited mouth opening, pain when chewing food, clicky jaw and facial pain can all be caused from TMJD related issues. From the cases we have seen here at Purity every single one of our clients has noticed improvements within the first 8 weeks. After wearing multiple nightguards and doing multiple jaw exercises this is such a relief for so many people.

Now you’re wondering what is the process… it’s pretty simple really, we offer a consultation followed by an audiology appointment to check the health of the ear canal and to clean out any wax. The ear impressions are then taken and your device will be made within about 2 weeks. You pop them in and away you go! I must say as strange as the whole experience is of having ear impressions its actually rather enjoyable! Then simply wear them as much as possible day and night and let the magic happen! Oh and one other good pointer they are hollow meaning they will not affect your hearing at all. Cerezen success stories can be found on their website take a look