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The Incredible Dermapen

Let’s talk about Dermapen… First of all ‘What is it?’ Dermapen is the original and best skin needling device on the market. Basically, it looks a lot like a normal pen to hold with a small head on the tip with tiny microneedles in it, and no its not painful! The treatment can only be carried out by a trained professional using the correct technique to achieve maximum results. The skin is prepared beforehand by using a topical numbing cream for extra comfort! The skin is then cleansed followed by the micro needles being brushed across the skin which promotes healing and natural collagen induction. You may have heard of collagen induction therapy in the past… it’s amazing! The stimulation of collagen is what can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks. Yes, you got it STRETCH MARKS!

We see breathtaking results when treating scars and stretch marks as well as generally improving the skin texture. Sessions are generally required every 6-8 weeks and a total of 6-8 sessions can be required depending on the condition severity. We generally say you will start to notice a good difference after 3 sessions however from experience we are seeing incredible results after the first one or two sessions which really does give our clients the confidence in this astounding treatment.

We can treat all sorts of scars such as trauma scars, acne scars, surgical scars etc. The summer is soon arriving don’t let those easily treatable scars or stretch marks stop you from pulling out that latest fashion bikini! (or if you’re like me….one you bought 5 years ago..ahhh its okay, recycling is good! ???? )

‘Any downtime?’ Yes there is a little downtime. Once the treatment session is complete the skin may feel warm and be red in appearance. This usually settles later that day or the following day. We provide you with after care instructions and a soothing mask which will inhibit some inflammation but will not make the treatment less effective. Things to avoid after treatment are swimming, saunas, direct sun exposure, excessively hot showers. And that’s it…TIME TO LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS!