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Diabetes and your Feet

If you suffer from diabetes, it’s even more important to stay on top your foot health. Diabetes can affect your feet by reducing the blood flow eventually causing a loss of feeling in your lower limbs (peripheral neuropathy).

This means that damage to the feet, including infection can go unnoticed over prolonged periods of time. Make sure that blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure is monitored regularly to reduce the risk of complications.

Top tips for diabetics

  • Ensure you have an appointment with a verified podiatrist at least once a year
  • Keep feet clean
  • Wear shoes that are well fitting, not too tight and do not rub
  • Avoid walking barefooted, to reduce risks of cuts
  • Try to avoid sitting cross-legged to improve blood circulation to the lower limbs
  • Cut toenails regularly
  • Quit smoking!